01. I wiped the grease off my bicycle with an old [rag] I found in the basement.
02. That old [rag] you found is all that is left of my son's favorite baby blanket.
03. In some countries, there are people who are so poor that they either dress in filthy [rags] or have nothing at all to wear.
04. We tore up our old bedsheets to use as [rags] for housecleaning chores.
05. Can you pass me a [rag] to wipe this engine oil off my hands?
06. The prisoners in the concentration camp had to use dirty old [rags] to bandage their injuries.
07. The robbers stuffed [rags] in the mouths of the bank tellers and taped them shut.
08. The beggar was dressed in [rags] and was obviously very hungry.
09. These clothes are just some old [rags] that I picked up during a recent shopping trip to Paris and Milan last spring.
10. The gas station can use any old clothing or blankets you don't want as [rags] for cleaning up grease and oil.
11. The old man's clothes were [ragged], and he obviously hadn't had enough to eat.
12. George Farquhar once stated that there is no scandal like [rags], nor any crime so shameful as poverty.
13. The fire apparently started when a cigarette ash fell on a bunch of oily [rags] in the garage.
14. A Nigerian proverb states that your own [rags] are better than another's gown.
15. A Romanian proverb suggests that under a [ragged] coat lies wisdom.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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